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About SellPal

How did it all begin... The guys who founded SellPal just got fed up of constantly selling our stuff using online auctions and being charged a fortune to list our items, charged extortionate commission levels on the sale and the buyers were charged high commissions on payments too! We asked around and found we were not alone and that many others were as frustrated as we were that they couldn't sell their items online and keep their money for themselves. It was at this point that we decided to build a portal that put the seller back in control and SellPal was born!

Nearly three years on, we have managed to keep the site free to use for long periods, but with increasing numbers of people using the site and requests to further develop the functionality, we decided to introduce a tiered membership scheme. We listened to what the SellPal community told us and added the functionality they believed would give them what they wanted. SellPal was re-branded, re-built and re-born.

SellPal members now have three options, all of which are explained on our Memberships page.

Our membership continues to be free for our Bronze users, with increased flexibility and enhancements available at the Silver level, costing £5, leading up to our, all singing all dancing, Gold membership at £10.


Earn PalPoints on the SellPal website and use them in conjunction with some fantastic offers at the sites of our partners. With SellPal points you can expect priority shopping, massive discounts and exclusive deals. We are currently finalising these exciting new offers, so watch this space for more information in the coming weeks.

You can get PalPoints in the following ways;
Please ensure that you are logged in when trying to earn PalPoints so that we can log them accordingly.